Why Choose Tuition?

There are many reasons for investing in private tuition. Here are a few benefits of doing so:

Improved teacher/student communication
‘By choosing private tuition, your child will not have to compete with others in order to receive the attention he or she needs. One-to-one tutoring enables the student to focus better than in a large class, where there are less distractions and disruptive students. Private Tuition allows the student to concentrate in a quiet and focussed environment.

Flexibility & feedback
During one-to-one tuition students are encouraged to ask any questions and ask for help with any area of their study that they feel they need help with, which they may not have the confidence to do in a large class.  They will receive feedback on their work, and are able to develop a better understanding on complex topics.  Many students ask to revisit topics that they didn’t understand in the classroom and leave with an increased understanding after their tuition session.

A relaxed learning pace
One-to-one tuition allows time to focus upon a particular area of study which a student may be finding more difficult.  In a classroom, a teacher needs to work through a topic at a pace and is often under pressure to cover the curriculum objectives/syllabus with limited time for each topic. When working one-to-one, a student and tutor can work at the student’s pace in a relaxed environment where they can spend extra time focussing on more ‘troubling’ areas. Extra sessions can be arranged to work on a particular area, and the tutor also has the flexibility to re-visit that area as often as required.

The biggest impact of one-to-one tutoring is that a student confidence is improved. Many students come to me feeling that they are behind in their class, without the courage to ask for help, or they feel that they are just not understanding what is taught in lessons at school.  Because a tutor is able to develop a more personal relationship with a student, we are able to see and cultivate their potential.  This is all too easy to miss in the classroom, especially if a child is quiet, well-behaved or of average intelligence.  Once a student has confidence in their ability, their rate of progress increases.

Test & exam readiness
Some students perform well in class but then really struggle with the pressure of tests. Through private tuition we can help them to improve their study skills, provide test practice and give them confidence to go into their exams.

Time Saving
In today’s busy world, many parents have limited time to help their children with school work and homework. New teaching methods can leave parents confused and incapable of helping. Having a private tutor can take the pressure off parents and give them a consistent learning experience.

Tailored teaching experience
Because tuition is tailored to the student’s needs, based on their ability and interests, we tutors can experiment with new teaching styles that can work more effectively for the student.