Online Tuition

I now provide the option of online video tutoring. You will require a computer, tablet or phone with internet connection and webcam. This option is available to new students and existing ‘face-to-face’ students.

How does online tutoring work?
First, sign up and download a free program called Zoom. Next, you will receive an email invitation from myself to a Zoom meeting. Click the link in the email to join the meeting.

When you join a meeting for the first time, Zoom will ask you to open the meeting in the app or download the app. If you have already downloaded the app just open it and you will be directed to the meeting room. You will notice that we can see and hear each other on video.

During tutoring sessions, I will have all the resources on my side of the screen. Zoom has a screen sharing feature that allows me to show my screen to your child, as if I were sitting right next to your child, showing them a book or a worksheet. At any point that your child needs to click on things on my screen, I can hand the controls over so that they can do that.

Here is a video from Zoom that will explain what you can expect here.

What are the advantages of online tuition?

No travelling time
There is no need to travel to and from a private tutor whilst fitting in lessons around other extra-curricular activities. The student will get all the tuition they need from the comfort of their home, or any other appropriate location.

No geographical limits
You can stick with the same tutor all year round no matter where you are – all you need is your computer. If you child splits their time between parent’s or grandparent’s home, or they attend boarding school, this is a great option. Your tutor could be just around the corner or many miles away. Maths Tutor 321 is based in the West Midlands, but you can take advantage of my services from anywhere in the UK or even abroad.

Interactive and engaging
Students are now very familiar with an online environment, and is often associated with fun activities. Children with attention deficit disorders often respond well to tutoring over a video link as they are less likely to be distracted. This leads to more engagement and focus.

Suitable for students with immune system disorders
Since there is no face to face contact, there is no possibility of contracting viruses or diseases from the tutor or other students. Students with immune system disorders, or children perhaps undergoing treatment where they cannot go out in public, can benefit from online tuition. This is particularly useful for students who may be missing out on attending school.