Key Stage 4 Tuition

Key stage 4 is where the GCSE maths course begins.  Preparing for GCSEs can be one of the most daunting and stressful times in your child’s education. If you’re worried that your child may not be reaching their full potential, or if you want to provide them with additional support and enable them to be more confident going into their exams, please contact me for one-to-one tutoring to help give them extra support in these areas.

GCSE Maths has gone through a considerable change and all pupils who started their GCSE Maths in September 2015 are now following the new syllabus. I offer specialist GCSE Maths Tuition and deliver the latest techniques covering this.

The gradings for the new GCSE Maths has changed considerably. Grades A* to G will no longer be awarded, but a new grading system is now in use from grades 9 to 1. This is quite a change because it is difficult for parents and pupils to grasp if they are used to the old system, and to measure how well their child is doing.

The new GCSE Maths is now a little more challenging which means that the grade 9 is actually more difficult to achieve than the old A*. The GCSE Maths has more difficult tasks which are currently found on the A Level syllabus which means that the work is more challenging. The amount of work has also changed. If this is causing concern for you or your child, please contact me for tutoring to help guide you and your child through the new syllabus and provide extra help with extra challenges they may be facing.